Thursday, August 16, 2012

Continuing Courageous Conversation

To those of you that were able to attend the Black Girl Blues Webinars today, we thank you. We hope that you had the opportunity to have some questions answers, be provided with some very useful "take-aways", and be inspired to go back to your respective places of employment and spark some courageous conversations of your own. My hope is that the conversation does not end here. My hope is that you take this often marginalized topic of black female intra-racial discord and use it as a catalyst to create change for those in your life that need it. I hope that the discourse does not end here; and I hope that we are provided with more opportunities for ah-ha moments in the future. Thank you for looking backwards with us, thank you for examining the history so that together we can affect the future. Thank you for revitalizing Sankofa. To those of you were unable to attend, I look forward to positive discourse in the future. 

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